Parent Voice & Feedback Procedures


“WAB Includes the Parents” is one of WAB’s Philosophy Statements and we believe that a strong home-school partnership is critical for the holistic and academic development of our learners. This document outlines how Parents can participate in school life to ensure their voice is heard, and how to raise concerns as needed.

I. Community Participation and Feedback

WAB provides many channels and opportunities for parent involvement, participation, and feedback.

I.I         Parent Link Coffees, Parents as Learners Workshops & Information Sessions

WAB invites parents to campus many times during the year for Parent Link coffee mornings (monthly), Parents as Learners workshops and information sessions (as relevant). These provide open spaces for discussion, updates and feedback to the school, as well as to answer any questions parents might have about learning at WAB.

I.II        Annual Community Forum

The annual Community Forum presents updates to the school community on teaching and learning, finances, and our Strategic Plan. Parents are encouraged to submit questions to be addressed through an anonymous survey.

I.III        Annual Climate & Culture Survey

Each year, WAB sends an extensive Climate & Culture Survey to all parents, to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on their family’s experiences of WAB. This survey includes opportunities for parents to comment on areas of strength or concern for them. These data are analyzed carefully and used in school development and planning.

I.IV       Parent Link Representatives & Grade-Level WeChat Communities

WAB Parent Link is a school-wide community of volunteers that supports community engagement and home-school partnerships. Each school section has Parent Link representatives, who meet monthly with sectional Principals to discuss their concerns. Each Grade level has a volunteer Parent Link representative who manages a parent WeChat group for their Grade level. These WeChat groups are used to share timely information and reminders, build community, and voice concerns from the parent community.

I.V        Parent Feedback Form

Parents who have general comments, suggestions, want to report a problem, or say a thank you can use the Parent Feedback Form on the Parent Portal to share any feedback or concerns they have about WAB’s services.

I.VI       Direct Communication with the School

Parents are also able to contact the school directly with any questions or concerns that they have. For school sectional concerns, please contact the sectional receptionist or Principal. For other concerns, please contact the relevant departments listed at

II. Communication & Concerns About Your Child’s Learning at WAB

If parents have concerns about their child’s learning or experiences at WAB:

  1. Parents can email their child’s teacher directly for clarification or conversation. In most cases, concerns about learning can be resolved in this way. WAB Faculty are always ready to help.
  2. If contact with the teacher does not meet the needs of parents, they may contact the school sectional Principal directly for further follow-up and action.

For issues not related to student learning:

III. Complaints and Appeals Procedures

For formal complaints or appeals on decisions made about a student’s learning:

III.I        Complaints towards the school

For questions or concerns about WAB, parents can use one of the following channels:


III.II       Complaints towards the IB

If you have concerns or complaints about the IB Programmes at WAB, please get in touch with your IB Programme Coordinator directly. They will schedule a meeting with you to understand your concerns and questions and, if necessary, will contact the IB on your behalf to raise your concerns. Further information on making contact with the IB can be found here: